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Hilary Zayed

Inspired by the process of healing and moving forward, both physically, emotionally and spiritually, my art is driven by colors, objects and belief systems, natural and made, that speak to this common human experience through art with writings that help move us forward. Piecing my own life together after surviving a brain injury, as if building a mosaic one shard at a time, I find meditative solace in hand cutting each tile, piece of glass, rock, and discarded item to alter its purpose into something that speaks to the process of reinventing not only my self, but that of the work of art it will eventually become.

Mixing the polar opposite worlds of organic and bling, creating with color, contrast, texture and eclectic tesserae and unusual objects, my art mirrors the inner core of our desire to tap into curative possibilities. I am drawn to the myriad forms of inspiration people find and the plentitude of possibilities the human experience utilizes and journey�s towards to grasp healing properties after life altering experiences and present them through art and writings.

It is my hope the viewer will then in turn, share their experience.

-Hilary Zayed, Artist

Meet the artist, Mosaic Mandalas, June 2011
Brain Injury Voices: Paying It Forward, Catching Health with Diane Atwood, March 20, 2012

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